Grid Connect Solar Systems

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Would you like to power your home with solar energy? It is much cheaper than you might think. We are grid connect specialists and we will tailor a solution just for you. Our aim is to help you save money on your electricity bills.

What is a grid connect solar power system?

Grid connect solar systems supplies electricity to a house via an inverter which is powered by solar panels.

Solar panels are positioned in a northly aspect to receive the maximum amount of sunlight. This power is then transferred to the inverter which changes the voltage to a level required for household consumption. This power is then used by the household reducing the power being imported from the grid (Supplied by the local Power Company)  and any excess will be exported back into the grid which the customer will then see a credit of this amount reflected on their bill.

What size system will I need?

The size of the system required depends on a number of variables including your location, aspect of the building and your level of energy consumption.

Our systems start at 1.5kW which on average would provide around 7kw on average per day and a 5kW system would generally produce on avaerage 23kw per day.

To calculate a system size suitable you can check your power bill daily kilowatt consumption to work out what percentage you would like to reduce your power bill by. We can then visit the site to determine if the location is suitable and if we can position and size the system for your requirements.

We can also plan and advise the best system for your needs if required.

Is my building suitable for a solar system?

We will always need to conduct a site visit for confirmation a system would be beneficial for you, however the major factors to look for would be the position for a northly aspect, the amount of shading and the necessary roof space for the solar panels.

How much does a grid connect solar system cost?

The cost of a solar system depends both on the size of the system and your building. We will provide you with a free quote after we determine the most suitable solar system for your property.